Tal recently had a siezure while at work. She was allowed to leave and go to the hospital, and received no discipline. At a non-union shop this might not have happened. Her casino always works with her anytime she has a medical issue. Tal is grateful to Local 49 for coming through for her.

Tal left a non-union job that didn’t protect her during her pregnancy. She applied at Cache Creke because she heard about Local 49 She was hired by Cache Creek while 6 months pregnant. She went into labor early, worried she would lose her job. While on maternity leave, COVID-19 started, Cache Creek Casino paid her and all her coworkers during the shut-down.

Dillion transfered from a non-union department in the same Casino. He can feel the differance between Local 49 and Non-Union. He wants more casino workers to join Local 49 to build our strength.

With Local 49 behind you, you have someone to advocate for you. Local 49 means a union contract, you have guaranteed raises. When we work hard and fight for what we believe in, we can win more!

Shamika is a single mom. She and her three children were staying with family. They had six people sharing one bathroom. As a local 49 member, Shamika gets guaranteed wage increases. She was recently able to afford her own place for her and her children.

Local 49 sent Steven to Reno, and Georgia, to canvas during the election. Unite Here locals from all over the country sent members to come together for a greater cause.

Steven no longer feels concerned about finances as a member of Local 49. He and his coworkers worked together, to push the company to give them retention bonuses.

Robert worked at a non-union casino for 20 years, he and 500 of his co-workers were laid off with very little notice. He was rehired, but during Covid he was let ago again. When he came back, he was put on Graveyard, for what was supposed to be one month. After being strung along by his job, he decided to apply at Harrah’s Northern California because he heard about Local 49.

When Robert started at Harrah’s, he immediately noticed a differance. He was able to secure great medical benefits. His grandfather was a union man and had a great retirement. He feels confident knowing that he is going to have a secure retirement too.

*Espanol* When Carmen worked her non-union job, she and her coworkers were scared.She felt like she was below her manager. Now that she is involved with Local 49, her boss doesn’t tell her what to do. They consult her, because they respect her opnion.

*Espanol* Carmen is a fighter, and Local 49 is a fighting Union. We have to work together. She is thankful for Local 49 because it helped her see her own value. Her family has seen a positive change in her.. We have to fight together to make our jobs better

*Punjabi* Working with Local 49 makes Seema proud. Joining Local 49 gave her healthcare, paid time off, and job security. As a member of Local 49, she has secured happiness for family, and herself.